The British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society - contents

The British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society


Part One The Americas?

Chapter one Abolition in Britain
Chapter two The Struggle Against Apprenticeship and the Origins of the BFASS
Chapter three Schisms
Chapter four Slave Trade Diplomacy
Chapter five West Indies
Chapter six The United States
Chapter seven Cuba and Brazil

Part Two Africa and the Middle East

Chapter eight Africa before the 'Scramble'
Chapter nine The Anti-Slavery Society turns to East Africa
Chapter ten Zanzibar
Chapter eleven Egypt and the Sudan
Chapter twelve The Scramble for Africa

Part Three The Colonial Labour Question

Chapter 13 Indentured Labour
Chapter 14 The Anti-Slavery Society into the Twentieth Century
Chapter 15 The Congo
Chapter 16 South Africa
Chapter 17 Land and Labour in the Colonies
Chapter 18 Anti-Slavery in the era of World Wars



James Heartfield

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The modern-day successor to the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society,

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The British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society

Key figures in the Society


Contributors to the BFASS

The Aborigines' Protection Society

British Workers and the US Civil War

The Legacies of Slavery project at University College London

London, Sugar and Slavery at the Docklands Museum

International Museum of Slavery in Liverpool

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